Does a minute amount of alcohol help to calm one’s nerves?

Brandon Huckaby Asked: Does a minute amount of alcohol help to calm one’s nerves?

Hello, online community,

I am in my final year at university, and with increasing regularity I find myself having to give presentations at the end of the semester. This is especially true in biology courses, some in which you are tasked with the job of researching a topic in plant physiology or what-have-you and report it to your class at the end of the semester in a presentation averaging around fifteen minutes.

My motivation for asking the topic question is a simple one: I have a terrible fear of public speaking, even in the more informal of class bodies (e.g. ten or fifteen of my peers and a very at-ease professor). The anticipation before my turn to speak is always characterized by a strong urge to sob in my hands or run to the restroom to vomit. And no, I'm not trying to paint a sort of Python-esque scene for you those are, more or less, my actual symptoms.

Even after presentations that go exceptionally well for me, I still can't find it in myself to not be nervous at the very idea of having to give a speech or presentation before a body of my peers and/or superiors. That is what motivates my asking this question: is it advisable, knowing what you know about alcohol, to drink a minute amount of alcohol in an attempt to subdue that nervous feeling.

I have heard it both ways, really. Some swear by alcohol's ability to calm the nerves and loosen the inhibitions, but only with the fact in mind that a little bit can go a long way, particularly if one isn't too careful regarding the dose. Others, whether principally against the consumption of alcohol or otherwise genuinely against the use of it to calm my nerves, urge me to seek a different alternative.

So, I submit my question to this forum. Any research on the matter, even the occasional anecdotal persuasions, is much appreciated! Oh, and if it's of any relevance to the matter, I'm really not much of a drinker. Every beer I've had I've found virtually unpalatable. The only drink I've really enjoyed is gin with tonic.

Again, thank you all for your time and your input.


Mrbill Answered:
have held office of clubs and spoke to groups when in police work. Had people tell me I had a good calm speaking voice. It comes from confidence in my self. Never used anything. friend took over for me at one club. He had to have drinks before the meetings to speak at the meetings. It became his demise. Drinking too much before and during he said the wrong things at the wrong times.
One friend used dr RX to calm him before speaking and it worked.

hope this helps.

harwarda Answered:
Take some deep breaths, and then pretend that you are in a play where you are pretending to be a person who makes a speech. In other words, role play. Everyone is afraid when they first do public speaking. Like any skill, only practice can make you better at it and more comfortable. Teachers don't think anything bad about you when you're nervous- they know that you need to practice because this is something you'll have to do to be successful in life.

Jane Answered:
I had a public speaking class as a freshman in high school and I was physically ill at the idea of speaking in front of people.I think nearly everyone feels this way, so you are not alone.
One of the things you will learn in a public speaking course is how to manage your jitters.Your teacher should help all of the students overcome their fear of talking in public.That's the point of the course.
The good news is that you can triumph.I did.Eventually, I got a job that required that I do a lot of public addresses.The first few times were in front of 30 or so people,; by the time I left the job I was regularly speaking to hundreds of people at a time without any butterflies in my stomach at all.I learned exactly how to prepare myself for the speeches; you'll learn too!

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