Which is NOT a benefit of studying public speaking?

Darnell Dinwiddie Asked: Which is NOT a benefit of studying public speaking?

Creates good first impression on others
Communicates competence
Proves our expertise
Develops our ability to communicate ideas and message clearly and with impact


Sheila Answered:
proves our expertise

Donald B Answered:
I must commend you on your decision to change majors.Communications is one of the worst majors you can choose as there is a glut of graduates with this major and very few jobs.Actually, your dean knows this even if he does not admit it.Choose what you want to major in and give all of the positive reasons why you want to change.For instance, "after majoring in communications I realized that my true interest was in the ……..field."Do not bash Communications or your classmates.It would be of little use.

Scorps Answered:
See if you can find a chapter of the Teutonic Knights. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you in your endeavors. They're a very persuasive bunch of fellows. Ask any pagan.

Fr Alexander Answered:
"I'm a massive Evangelist."

Obesity is nothing to be proud of.

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