Which is the best medication for public speaking anxiety relief?

Anna Asked: Which is the best medication for public speaking anxiety relief?

I have an important presentation tomorrow and I really need to be relaxed not to mess everything up. I know medication isn't the best choice and that I should overcome this fear but it's only for one occasion and I'm not going to keep taking it. I need advice from someone with similar experience. Thanks in advance.


Lib Bane Answered:
if you go by the number of users, I'd say ethanol.

Matthew Hopkins Answered:
I have been called upon to make presentations on many occasions.

Speaking from those experiences, my unfailing remedy for stage-fright was three hefty shots of brandy beforehand. Two weren't enough and four made me too garrulous with a tendency to pepper my lecture with dirty jokes!

Five, and I would begin to wobble a bit, with long pauses during which I would grin inanely at everybody.

Three worked perfectly every time.

ceridd Answered:
Tomorrow?Too late to get a prescription for low dose Xanax or Valium. This will help calm you down but not make you sleepy or dopey.For over-the-counter, I would try motion sickness pills. Try them first, so you know how you'll react and how much to take.Good Luck, I am absolutely terrified of public speaking, too.

MeAgain Answered:
Go to a health food store and ask aboutpassion flower drops.

I saw this on the Dr. Ozshow and am going to get some myself.

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