will a couple shots of rum make me not as nervous while public speaking?

Kristyn Asked: will a couple shots of rum make me not as nervous while public speaking?

i'm taking a public speaking course and i have to give four speeches this semester. i have an extreme fear of public speaking and i get so nervous. the only thing i can think that might truly help me is a shot or two of liquor before i perform my speech. Alcohol makes me much more relaxed and talkative in general, so i was thinking this might actually help quite a bit with my nerves. what do ya think?


Marko Polio Answered:
Well, I don't recommend using alcohol as a crutch… you should find other ways to get over your feer. But my roommate did do that for his first speech in his public speaking class and he said it was easier, but after that he did it sober.

Kaan Kideys Answered:
ya a few shots wont hurt just dont over do it, you dont want to be labeled "the drunk girl in class". Like 2 or maybe 3 depending on how good your tolerance is good enough. I had a friend who took a shot of vodka or two before a business presentation and she did amazing so ya whatever works but just dont over do it cuz that wont look very good…

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